Premier Studios Presents

KL Digital Productions

KL Digital Productions is our website design and digital productions company.

Our web design division uses the latest in web design technology and design process. Our websites are responsive, meaning they change the way your website is presented according to the size of your view port. This enables you to gain customers who are on the go, and keep your traditional customers.

Our digital productions division create custom digital fliers, posters, and graphics based on your needs. They can be used online or printed to generate a total advertisement experience that will promote your event or company to the maximum.


If you are looking for the best plan to start a web site or if you have a site already hosted elsewhere, you will find that our hosting offers much more for a lot less. Only $19.95 per month will get you the best value for your money in web hosting.


A partial list of some of our clients are listed below. Please feel free to click on any of the links to visit their web sites.

Web Services

Now That You Have Your Own Web Site

Have you ever wondered how you were going to update your site, make new changes, or add items of interest?

Web Design

At Premier Studios we like to make it easy for anyone to browse your business web site. So those people who are using Internet Explorer or Netscape can view your web site and see everything on your pages. We strive to use only things that both browsers can see, not something cute that only half of the people visiting your site see.